Red ribbonWe believe that at present, planning is not reflecting the needs of communities across the UK with Government deregulation meaning that residents have less say in the development of their own communities than ever before.

The Housing Crisis, fracking, land banking and lack of access to modern technologies, are just some of the significant issues that affect our local communities.

Labour launched the Planning Commission on 24 September to combat this, as we feel that the planning system needs to rediscover its vision and once again reflect the needs of communities, from rural to urban. The Planning Commission aims to help revive neighbourhoods and town centres in decline, and address the urgent need for better infrastructure.

This is not simply an issue of helping our big cities to achieve their full potential, important though that is, it is also about giving our towns and villages powers to shape a prosperous future too.

We are delighted to have a wide range of experienced planners and experts from the planning industry on the Commission. The Commission consists of representatives from:

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